My Story - Jason Benade

On 5th Jan 2016 at 3:35pm I received a phone call that changed my life forever. I had been diagnosed with advanced Melanoma, skin cancer......

After getting a sunburn the past summer I had developed a tiny area of skin between my shoulder blades that would not heal completely. Not thinking anything of it I went on with life even visiting South Africa that December and enjoying many a day on the beach. When I returned in December I made an appointment as the spot seemed to be getting bigger and I thought I should get it checked out. I went to my dermatologist and after a quick 10 minute removal went on my way. I could not believe my ears when my doctor broke the news to me. I am the healthiest I have ever been, or so I thought, cancer only affects sick and weak people, right? Wrong, cancer does not discriminate. I went immediately numb and my whole world stood still for a moment. "I am just starting to work the thing called life out" I though to myself. "I am too young to die at just 37 years old". "I have to see my sons grow up and prepare them for the world", were just some of the thoughts flashing through my mind. That was the moment I decided to take action! I was willing to do anything it took to correct what was wrong with me internally and was not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

I contacted a close doctor friend of mine to seek advice and direction. Having a family member who had passed away from cancer, and had followed a conventional treatment plan, I decided to seek a more natural route. Focusing on healing my body and creating an environment that cancer could not grown in, rater than treating the the symptom. The symptom of a less than optimal environment in my case had manifested in the form of Melanoma skin cancer.

So i immediately started out with my own protocols such as cleaning my liver, detoxing and cutting out any food or fuel that cancer could feed on and adding supplements to my diet. I was then introduced to Dr Hilu and his team at the Hilu Clinic in Marbella, Spain. I expedited a blood sample over to them for analysis to identify my body's inner environment on a cellular level. Once I received my blood results we were able to determine where and what exactly was wrong and began to correct them through a detailed treatment protocol, which is completely individualized for me. Based on my diagnosis and the aggressive nature of my disease it was deemed necessary to visit Dr Hilu to undergo treatment at his clinic as well.

I left for Spain on 12th February to start a two week treatment plan and underwent treatments such as Full Body and Local Oncological Hyperthermia, Ozone therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Papimi therapy, Biodetox detoxing, Ion Transfer and Cold laser treatment. You can gain a better understanding of these in the treatment section.

I have since returned from Spain and have had a second biopsy done. A larg area of skin was removed due to the depth and size of my Melanoma.


I have 4 months of protocols left and during this time we will focus on creating a environment impossible for cancer to grow in. This is so that it never happens again. I will submit a final blood sample to Dr Hilu in Spain at that point to get the all clear or to make final adjustments moving forward as well as receive a maintenance plan. I would just like to thank the Hilu Clinic team for everything they have done for me during the past two months and for saving my life. Not only am I cancer free but I feel like a real life Superman!

I have been Cancer Free for 3 years and I am thriving!! My mission is to spread the word of Dr Hilu, the Hilu Clinic and his inclusive system that treats ALL the areas necessary to not only beat dis-ease but to gain ultimate health and wellness.


"The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you realize why you are here" - Mark Twain


My amazing mom Beverley and I in Marbella, Spain while I was undergoing my treatment.

My amazing mom Beverley and I in Marbella, Spain while I was undergoing my treatment.

Banner photo provided by Jared Chambers