The Papimi is a non-invasive electro magnetic device that produces a series of strong extremely short broadband magnetic pulses . A pulsed electromagnetic field-emanating flexible papimi conductive hoop is placed on the body in areas to be treated.

The energy field penetrates deep into the tissues to relieve pain, increase circulation and help the body heal itself by energizing cells. The injured cells energize, pain signals carried by the nervous system decrease, swelling decreases and the range of motion is restored. Toxins are released and the essential nutrients for the repair process are absorbed.

So how does it work?

The device uses a magnetic field to penetrate the body, passing right through the skin into the affected tissue. The magnetic field is there only for a short time, but in great intensity. A magnetic field induced as Papimi is able to penetrate most substances.
As the field changes during the pulse ́s brief time-lapse, expanding and collapsing in less than one ten-millionth of a second, it causes a small current that provides bioenergy to the cells.