Local Hyperthermia

Deep Local Hyperthermia is used to rise the temperature within a tumor, to 41.5-43ºC (105.8-109.4 F), without damaging surrounding healthy tissues. Local Hyperthermia uses a medical device to deliver hyperthermia therapy to cancerous tumors by using a non-ionizing radiofrequency. The effects of hyperthermia on cancer cells is extremely effective in destroying them. Cancer cells absolutly hate heat.

The machine releases energy into the patient by using an energy source and two anatomical antennas. It also has a separate cooling mechanism, ensuring comfort and adaptability to any body part and ensures total patient safety. The antennas are placed directly on the patient in the area to be treatment. There are two sizes of antennas to maximize efficiency and result. The hyperthermia machine deeply injures cancer cells of solid tumors without damaging the healthy tissues. These high temperatures selectively damage cells that are hypoxic and have low pH conditions which are found in tumor cells, but not healthy cells. The FDA does not allow this treatment inside of the USA and can only be done in Spain.