Dr. Randy Johns

At the time of my cancer diagnosis, I was 36 years old running one of the largest natural healthcare clinics in the country and as many of you know, success is usually accompanied by a neurotic- obsessive work ethic.  On some level this was good and was necessary, however, it drove me to a place where I could no longer “turn my brain off.” I basically woke up and went to bed consumed with every aspect of my clinic. I was seeing a positive difference and change in the lives of my patients, which drove me to work harder. I was on a mission to help reach as many sick, hurting people as possible. I was in a great place professionally and then my real growth and journey began….

The summer of 2009 I started to notice a small growth on the upper part of my back. It had been itching for weeks and was pretty hard to detect at first. It was an irritant to me and I remember thinking it was the most annoying ingrown hair or mole to exist. I figured it would eventually just go away, but over the next year it grew to the size of a quarter and was about a ½ inch in height. While I was slightly concerned, I was more disgusted with the appearance of it and decided I needed to get it removed. I assumed my body was just fighting something off and was doing exactly what it should do in order to heal, but I went to a dermatologist because I wanted to have it removed. The day of the appointment, the growth was removed and cauterized. With great concern, the dermatologist insisted on sending it in for a biopsy. I agreed to this and left the office with little concern. My body was strong and I trusted that I was going to be just fine. However, over the next two months my health began to decline quickly. I had no energy, could not sleep and was not able to digest foods properly. I started receiving calls from my dermatologist on a regular basis telling me it was imperative I call him back. I’ll admit that I began to get scared. I didn’t want to know, but after weeks of persistent phone calls, I finally answered. The result: Ulcerated Malignant Melanoma, Nodular type, Breslow’s Thickness 7.0mm, an extremely aggressive form of cancer. I was told that this was the 4th deadliest form of cancer and that I was considered to be in the advanced stages. My prognosis was shattering; I was told this was “lethal” if I did not begin aggressive conventional treatments. Unfortunately, the cauterization of the growth had caused my cancer to spread more rapidly which is why I had such an aggressive decline in my health.

In my case the cancer had spread into my lymphatic chain causing the lymph nodes in my right armpit to be severely swollen and sore. My liver was distended and could be seen through my shirt. The liver is a common metastatic site, especially once the cancer had spread to the lymphatic system. I also think my stomach was affected due to my inability to eat or digest food. I no longer had any appetite and when I did force it down I would get extremely sick. I had lost about 20 lbs in 2 months.

I had no interest in treating the “myth of cancer” with poison.  You cannot poison yourself into health.  This is a LAW.  You don’t get sick from a lack of chemicals.  The cause is not a chemical deficiency therefore the “cure” cannot be chemical based. Remember, cancer does not make you sick, cancerous cells develop because you are already sick.  The last thing you need if you are sick is more stress and damage to your immune system and supporting organs.  One thing I knew to be certain was this: cancer is a symptom of a greater problem, rather than a disease.  It is a “dis-ease”.  This is a chiropractic term meaning the body is not at ease.  Very simply stated, there is interference. I had been living an extremely healthy lifestyle for over a decade, so what had caused me to build abnormal cells in the first place? Where was the interference?  God does not need any help healing us, He just needs no interference.   Maybe that sounds way too simplistic, especially when staring into the eyes of a cancer diagnosis, but just like faith in God, it is really that easy. God made our bodies to heal and trusting in this basic, fundamental health principle I knew I had to find the interference and remove it.

My first plan of action was to make sure my nerve system was completely clear.  I knew if something had been missed or there was any nerve interference I would never fully heal or recover. I immediately scheduled an appointment with a spinal correction specialist/Chiropractor in Florida.  He was able to do a full neurological assessment to determine if there was any damage to my spine and nerve system.  What he found brought incredible clarity as to why my healthy lifestyle had not been enough to keep me well. I had an Alar Ligament tear on C1.  The atlas, or C1, is the top bone of the spine and protects vital nerves and lower brainstem. This is the same area where Christopher Reeves injured his spine and the results were deadly. One of the reasons this injury is so lethal is based on the fact it can often times involve the Vagus nerve. Vagus is Latin for “wandering,” and it is an accurate description of this nerve.  This nerve has an essential function involving immune organs, the immune reaction and the body’s capacity to manage and battle infectious/inflammatory disease.

The next step in my journey to recovery was seeking out aggressive care to support my body.  Because my “cancer” had metastasized I knew there were limitations of matter that were at stake. I had heard of a doctor by the name of Raymond Hilu in Spain. Dr. Hilu’s specialty was cellular medicine. It is the morphological examination of the human blood. It uses more than 60,000 magnifications in order to discover any disarray originating from the core of the person. Dr. Hilu was not looking to treat my “cancer” and neither was I.  His protocols are designed to support the body rather than submitting it to clinical trials or toxic/damaging conventional treatments. Remember, cancer is a symptom, and it has a root cause.  The cause is never, under any circumstance, a lack of toxic chemicals.  His blood cell analysis gives him information on what was interfering and allowed him to design a protocol specific to my body. Dr. Hilu’s analysis showed that my body was in metabolic acidosis. This was the breading-ground for a host of problems including the cancerous growth. My liver was into toxic overload, blood was micro-clotting, crystallization of blood protein, parasitic infection, poor circulation, adrenal stress, and autoimmune behavior (white blood cells attacking healthy cells instead of abnormal cells). The body is very sensitive to pH, especially the blood. The slightest deviation from the norm is deadly.  According to his evaluation, my degenerative aggressivity was at a 9.5 on a scale of 0 to 10 (healthiest to sickest). His concern level was to the point of life or death over the next few weeks. I was told there was “no need for theatrics”, I was in major crisis and each day forward would be critical.

My care plan consisted of 7 key components to correct the imbalance in my body:  Hyperthermia, ozone, papimi electromagnetic therapy, bio-catalitic oxygenation, bio detoxification and supplementation. I must reiterate, this care was not treating cancer, but rather removing interference and helping to support my body in regaining homeostasis or balance.  The greatest doctor is on the inside. I spent the next six weeks learning, healing and going through a powerful process with Dr. Hilu and his entire team. I really began to appreciate more than ever how blessed I was and that God programmed me for life and abundance and not sickness or disease.

Today I am cancer-free, alive and well and chasing after my vision and dream, which is bringing Elevation Health Core 4 strategies to humanity so it can experience the gift of innate, God-given healing and full life potential.


"When I learned of Dr Hilu’s "Clinica Hilu" from other health professionals after I was diagnosed with terminal cancer , I must confess I was skeptical at first. I am fully aware of the those who would prey on people's hopes and fears. I did extensive research on available medical treatments throughout the world and after coming to Spain and consulting with Dr Hilu, I was convinced they could help me. I understood the science behind their medical philosophy and treatment and today it has been 2 years since I was given 3 months to live. What I'm particularly impressed with is the professionalism of all their staff, but in particular, nurse Cristina M., Dr Martinez (from Magna Clinic) and Dr Hilu for their skill and compassion. I have no reservation whatsoever to anyone looking to treat this deadly disease with a fresh and innovative medical approach.

Kim pamation

I'm really grateful for Jason's help in being able to not only reach Dr. Hilu but that He personally followed up with every concern.  After a health scare it was a huge relief to get my feedback and protocols from Dr Hilu.  To know the exact health state I was in and what I could do to bring myself to a healthy level was huge. 

I'm not done with my protocols; however, I have noticed multiple health issues disappear.

I was able to catch major potential health problems before it was too late.  One being an autoimmune disease, that my mother is currently suffering with.  Dr Hilu actually saw the progression towards it!



Keeli Duncan

Final hospital stay before leaving for treatment

Final hospital stay before leaving for treatment

For as long as I can remember , before my visit to clinic Hulu, I lived with unrelenting pain. I had suffered from various nervous system and digestive problems for so long that it just became "normal" . After being shuffled from one hospital to another and seeing some of the best rheumatologists, neurologists, and gastroenterologists in the country I was diagnosed with Lupus, Crohn's, Lupus again and finally diffuse system sclerosis. I had given birth to my third child in July of 2015 after battling severe ovarian cysts, hormone problems and 4 miscarriages,  my body started shutting down.


I was having partial focal seizures that would leave me in severe pain and temporarily paralyzed almost every week. I tried several different meds from my neurologist, which only made the seizures more intense.  My digestive problems became so severe that I lost 57 pounds in 8 months and suffered from extreme malnourishment. My weakened state made me the perfect host for several bacterial infections and I lived on endless amounts of antibiotics, steroids, immune suppressants, nausea and pain medicine with still no relief. Between March and August of 2016 I was sent back and forth between the ICU and bed rest at home. After months of seizures, neuropathy, and extreme digestive distress I was so weak I could no longer walk on my own. I  will never forget the day my Grandmother came to visit me in the hospital and I was barely able to use a walker while she strolled along beside me effortlessly. I knew that there was no way I could accept my life being that way.  Shortly after my last hospital stay in the states my husband and I were told by my gastroenterologist team that my large intestines had become hardened from the inside out and I would need a total bowel colectomy (which is a removal) and if the surgery was successful, they could give me 10 more years but without the surgery they couldn't say how much longer I would have made it. That's when we knew we had to find another way !


We heard about Dr. Hilu and his clinic from Dr. Randy Johns and Dr. Joseph Ramirez at Elevation health, which is where I had began receiving chiropractic treatment. We contacted the clinic through Jason at Soul Savers and got a response right away. I was then able to send a blood sample to the Hilu clinic for analysis. Dr. Hilu was able to see everything going wrong on a cellular level . I finally had some real answers !! My cellular analysis reveled that I had extremely low levels of silica and magnesium, red blood cell hypoxy, red blood cell morphologies, liver toxemia, intestinal parasites, excess cytokines (which affects the immune system and hormones) extremely high levels of homocystein (which is dangerous for the heart and lowers b12 levels )  membrane fragility, nervous system imbalances and an extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic fields , but one of the most important discoveries made were the extremely high levels of mercury and lead in my body.  


2 Weeks Post Treatment at the Hilu Clinic

2 Weeks Post Treatment at the Hilu Clinic

Upon reviewing the results Dr. Hilu advised that I come to the clinic for treatment right away. Once I arrived at the clinic I was treated swiftly and with great care.  I felt that Dr. Hilu and his staff were fighting for my life just as hard as I was.  I went through several rounds of oxygenation therapy, papimi therapy, cold laser treatments, ozone therapy, ion transfer, biodetox, and full body hyperthermia. After only one week of treatment I was eating again, had very little pain, all seizure activity had stopped, skin rashes began to clear , my hair stated growing back and I even started gaining weight again. By the time I finished week two the improvement in my blood work and general well being was miraculous. I came home from Spain to my husband and children a new person.


I am now living life happier and healthier than ever. I have continued working on my treatment protocols at home and would have never imagined before that I could feel this good. I am homeschooling my kids, riding a bike, I have my drivers license again, and I have gained 27 pounds ! Thanks to Clinic Hilu I will have a long and healthy future ahead of me. 

Jolene Van Beek


I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid carcinoma last year.  My chiropractor told me about Dr. Hilu and the great work he's done.  He had me read the book, 'Cancer Killer'.  I learned of my chiropractor's friend who went to see Dr. Hilu.  He had been diagnosed with advanced cancer, went to receive treatments from Dr. Hilu, returned to the States healthier, followed the protocol and is now cancer free. I then knew I was not going to go through with having my thyroid removed. I now knew there were better alternative options out there for me.

I did some research on the clinic and came across Jason's Soul Saver's page.  I emailed him, and he responded to me right away.  Over the course of the next several weeks he fielded and answered several questions from me.  I cannot tell you how much his knowledge and encouragement made such a difference in my decision to make the trek to Spain.

After only one week of treatments, both in the clinic, as well as following the eating/detoxing protocol when I wasn't in the clinic, Dr. Hilu did a mid way blood analysis, and showed me how much my cellular structure had improved dramatically.  I stuck with it, and a week later I went home.  I kept with the protocol, and retook a cancer test I had taken prior to my departure to Spain.  It had significantly improved!  I am still following the protocol, and will do another follow up analysis with Dr. Hilu as well as another cancer test once my 6 months of protocol is up.  I have no doubt the cancer will be gone!