Cellular Blood Analysis

Dr. Raymond Hilu, a world renowned cancer doctor, whose clinic The Hilu Clinic In Marbella, Spain, developed this diagnostic tool. With the use of his personalized one of a kind microscope, Dr. Hilu can magnify a single drop of blood 65,000 times and look inside your blood cells.

This tool is known as Live Cellular Blood Analysis and is used to determine the state of your body on a cellular level.  Even though human blood is on a slide, it is actually alive for 10 days allowing Dr. Hilu to view it in its natural state!  


Some of the things Dr. Hilu is looking for:

- TMG Levels - trimethylglicine which increases oxidative stress

- Taurine Levels - This effects the efficiency of the immune system.

- Immune System - Through the health and shape of your white blood cells

- Acidosis - Presence of solid fibrin formation

- Lymphatic Congestion

- Excess Oxidation Levels

- Electromagnetic Balance

- Vacuolizations

- Liver Toxemia/Congestion

- Adrenal Stress/Nervous System Imbalance

- Cell Membrane Fragility

- Metallic and Chemical Toxicity  

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Dr. Hilu uses this method to treat and heal very sick people with any disease/cancer. But, what excites Dr. Hilu most is its use as a predictor. With his 30-years combined experience in treating disease and cancer, Dr. Hilu can tell if someone is on the road to developing many different types of cancer.

Do you have a cabinet full of unused vitamins?

The brilliant part is that it is so simple. When identified imbalances are corrected, miraculous things happen. These are things like supplementation. Have you ever felt like your body is in need of a vitamin? You just don’t feel right? I have! Once you know what is missing, there is no more guessing and wasting money on cupboards full of supplements.



Fill out the form below if you are interested in this life changing Live Cellular Blood Analysis. You can also schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with me to get more information. A test kit is sent by expedited mail, 3 day delivery after your order is received via the payment portal below. Results are mailed/emailed directly to you from Spain and arrive within 1-2 weeks. 

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