Sauna Use and Building Resilience to Stress

Here is a very interesting podcast on the topic of Sauna use and building resilience to stress with Dr. Rhonda Patrick.This is of particular interest to me after my visit to Spain and undergoing a total of 9 hours of Hyperthermia treatment over 3 sessions. I feel this treatment has played a MAJOR role in my cellular blood analysis improvement. In fact I have a home unit arriving today and will be using this sauna therapy daily to further improve my immune system and my overall health.

It's PODCAST #8 on her feed.

In this episode Rhonda talks about how heat stress from using the sauna makes the body more resilient to the stresses of aging, possible reasons why one study associated sauna use with up to a 40% lower all-cause mortality as well as a 50% lower cardiovascular disease related mortality, how it enhances athletic endurance, staves off muscle atrophy, improves regrowth of muscle after disuse, and some of the profound effects on the brain, including the growth of new brain cells, improvement in focus, learning, and memory, and even potentially ameliorating depression and anxiety. She also talks about how BPA, PCBs, phthalates, and other metals are excreted through sweat. In addition, she addresses some practical applications like temperature and duration in the sauna, the difference between a dry, wet and infrared sauna, sauna timing, as well as other forms of heat stress such as steam showers, hot baths, and hot yoga.

PODCAST LINK…/podc…/foundmyfitness/id818198322…

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